plant survey and process optimisationPLANT SURVEY AND PROCESS OPTIMIZATION

We offer customized programs of paper and tissue plant survey, from a general analysis of your process to focused studies and inspections of a specific part of the machine.

If the production of your plant needs to be increased, you intend to quantify and reduce the fiber and resources consumptions, or if the market seeks a different product, we will do our utmost, using the huge reference data and benchmark we have at disposal, to detect your machine's bottlenecks, organizing and engineering action plans in order to improve your machines functionality.








We put at your disposal our know-how in all phases of your project, from the initial basic idea to the final detailed installation engineering. 
Our intervention consists of:

  • feasibility study of your paper mill
  • basic engineering of your process and plant layout
  • detailed engineering of the paper mill including paper mill auxiliaries
  • paper mill installation engineering






dryerspripopianominORIGINAL SPARE PARTS

The original spare parts guarantee the quality standard of the manufacturer's specifications; they are the same components that are used in the production lines, so they have the same peculiarities and thus allows to ensure the original performance of the machine. In the long term they are the most convenient choice, in fact, although non-genuine parts often have a reduced price, they do not give the certainty of maintaining the standard of accuracy, completeness, speed and durability of the machine in the medium and long term, on the contrary they risk causing damage. For this reason, we decided to provide our customers with a Spare Parts Package, aiming to ensure a much longer warranty period, besides an optimal functionality.





Keeping the performance of a paper machine at the highest level is strictly connected with the care of all its components and the preventive maintenance is a must.
While your team work on-site to preserve in good conditions your machinery and its functioning, our specialized personnel is available to examine eventual problems and make an evaluation of the necessary interventions and improvements to be carried out on the headbox and forming section, shoe and suction presses, film press, calender rolls and the Yankee dryer. 


The ability to offer "well-rounded" solutions allows the customer to interact with a sole interlocutor, sparing him waste of time and interventions from external companies to solve the problems on the headbox and forming section, shoe and suction presses, film press, calender rolls and the Yankee dryer.

We supply maintenance services including professional cleaning, inspection and exchange of wear and tear parts, on the base of either long-term agreements or scheduled shut-down interventions, but we are likewise ready to assist you in case of emergency. Right the importance of a quick after-sales assistance has convinced Overmade's management to arrange a technical team with specific knowledge of the machines, who can promptly intervene also in remote connection.




Press rolls reconditionings, variable crown-controlled roll refurbishings, vibration analysis and roll balancing, bearings inspection, shell regrinding, chemical cleaning and surface polishing of headboxes are just some of the several services that we offer to modernize your machines. We are at disposal to study any solution to boost the performance through a rebuild. You need only 7 days downtime in your mill to have a Yankee re-certified at maximum pressure. The choice of the shell material is between steel and cast iron, to be installed on cast iron heads.