MG Paper Machine to supply to UNIBOL S.A.

machine glazedSeptember 2019
OVERMADE keeps expanding since its acquirement in 2015. We recently got a new order from our client in Colombia and it makes us feel confident about our expertise and products quality...

From the headbox to the OVER reel, including the electrical drive, the hood and aero-thermic system, the MG paper machine (alias “Machine Glazed”) of UNIBOL S.A. Paper Mills is now ready for a better production, indeed it now can reach 70 TPD and a width of 3200 mm. 
OVERMADE supplied also the winder OVER-1500 to complete the same machine. 

UNIBOL S.A. is a company of great potential, which operates not only on the national territory, but also in North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean Islands. They manufacture paper from 100% recycled fibres and we are happy to have the opportunity to participate to their cause.