OVERMADE completes WET END REBUILDING of a testliner machine


testliner machineNovember 2017
OVERMADE has completed the wet end rebuilding of a testliner machine. After the modification, the machine will produce testliner and white top liner on two layers with a pond width of 6200 mm and an output of 800 tpd.

The rebuild consists of the elongation of the bottom Fourdrinier, the installation of a top Fourdrinier and the upgrade of the press section into a three-nips no open-draw press. The target is to improve the performance of the forming section relevant the production of high quality testliner and white top liner.
The multilayer Fourdrinier layout allows to use stocks of different characteristics from the mixed waste to the OCC, from the unbleached kraft pulp to the bleached pulp.

OVERMADE was selected for the excellent design proposed, fitting the mill requirements and the machine layout, in addition to our proven technology in fiber distribution, especially on white top grades.