OVER Meccanica was founded in VERONA by Ing. Emilio Robbi, an enterprising businessman of Verona

1961 - 1968

In the first years of activity, OVER supplied many machines to Italian paper mills, specialized in packaging, tissue and board grades. Many of these machines are still in operation today at speeds and production rates higher than those they were originally built for, after having undergone modernizations and rebuilds.

1968 - 1983 The Dominion Years

min thedewyearsTowards the end of the '60's, Dominion Engineering Works (DEW), a branch of Canadian General Electric and one of the most prestigious builders of large and fast machines at the time, was looking for a European manufacturer suitable to become its licensee for the markets outside North America.  OVER was selected among several candidates taking into consideration not only its proven capabilities but also its great potential for future development. 

The technology for wide and fast paper machines was soon transferred from DEW: the first OVER-Dominion paper machine - an 8 meters wide linerboard machine for a French customer- was designed, built and started-up in 1970. In a short time other units have been delivered: a 6.5 meters wide fine paper machine in Greece, a 7.5 meters wide newsprint machine in Turkey, a 5.5 meters wide laminating paper machine in Italy, a 5 meters wide machine for sack kraft papers in Spain, to name but a few. The 15 years of this association with the Canadian partner have been marked by a high degree of cooperation and saw the two companies jointly carry out extensive research programs for the development of new technologies using for their testing the pilot plant built by OVER in a paper mill near its previous headquarters in Verona. This R&D activity generated the basic technological concepts still present in today's products, such as hydraulic headboxes, twin wire and gap formers, as well as modern press designs.

1983 - 1998 The Market Expansion

Multi Fournrinier MachineGrown very fast from a relatively small domestic company into a major world player of the paper industry, OVER Meccanica continued to consolidate its position over the years and to increasingly gain market shares by supplying complete turn-key paper mill plants, complete machines for the production of tissue, paper and board besides a large number of major rebuilds. A contribution to its expansion was certainly the technological development achieved and the innovative concepts introduced, such as the twin wire former applied for the first time to tissue production and other advanced solutions aimed to produce premium quality on machines easy to operate while saving fibre and energy. To push the research work further, in 1998 a second state-of-the-art pilot plant was put into operation in a dedicated R&D centre close to Verona, where also tests and trials were run on customer’s behalf.

1998 - 2010 Tissue Machine Market Leader

With the successful application of its own Crescent Former concept to the tissue production, OVER Meccanica became a leader in the manufacture of tissue machines. Many were the tissue lines of different sizes supplied in those years in addition to the several turn-key projects that proved the wide scope of abilities possessed by OVER, from engineering to project management. A significant number of repeated orders, awarded by top class tissue producers, in a handful of years spoke for customers’ satisfaction and were the reward for OVER’s competence and expertise.

2011 - 2014 Into the Crisis

The dark days that followed the economy crunch of 2009, in addition to a fire that caused the partial disruption of the production activity at the end of 2010, forced the company to search for a complete restructuring. The solution came up with the transfer of the company business branch to a French group in the form of a rental agreement. This was signed in August 2011 as a prerequisite for a purchase deed that was to follow within 12 months.
OVER CR C20 Renamed  ABK Italia, during those days the company was able to complete the back log of orders left behind by Over Meccanica and to deliver: a new tissue machine in  North America, two complete tissue plants in Eastern Europe and in the Middle East, paper machines sections for writing and printing, decorative and cardboard papers, fluting and testliner. Also the steel shell Yankee, already developed few years back, entered into production.

The failure of the French company to finalize the acquisition after almost three years of operation on rental left no choice in summer 2014 but the liquidation of OVER Meccanica.

2014 - 2015 From Temporary Operation to Managment Buyout

OVERMADE headquarterThe next setup of the company was a temporary operation under the supervision of an official receiver nominated by the Court of Verona.
In parallel the search for a new industrial solution that could fully restart the company was ongoing. During this period the personnel of OVER Meccanica continued to provide customer support and serve the market efficiently, thus demonstrating to all customers that the team in place, despite the restrictions imposed by law, had what it takes to continue the activity.
This awareness prompted the managers running the company in temporary operation to dare drafting the idea of a Management Buyout: it was the start of a challenging adventure, which saw a new formed entity - called OVERMADE - submit in September 2015 an official proposal to purchasing OVER Meccanica.
Finally, on the 1st December 2015, leaving behind other bidders, OVERMADE was awarded the exclusive property of all OVER Meccanica’s tangible assets, including brand, know-how, references, drawings, patents, stocks, tools and equipment in addition to the right to use the facilities headquartered in Verona.