The Yankee Dryers are used in the production of various types of MG paper, as well as of tissue.
OVER has supplied more than 200 of these dryers all over the world, for hard or creped tissue, MG paper, types of one-side coated paperboard and for folding cartons. Special alloys are used for the Yankee heads and shells; the typical material utilized is nodular cast iron GJS 400-15-UNI 1563, for heads and journals, and cast iron GJL 350-UNI 1561 for the shell with hardness 240 HB. 

 Yankee Dryer

In the last years a new steel shell “Yankee type” for the tissue production has been developed, especially for those markets where gas is usually not used, especially where it costs much more than the steam heating. In order to increase the heat exchange through the Yankee, a grooved shell of special steel is mounted on heads and journals, in nodular cast iron and cast iron type GJS 400-15 . The steel shell is covered with a special hard metallization with a surface hardness of 550 HB.

 Yankee on truck

OVERMADE Steel Shell Yankees, with their the long-experienced bolted heads construction, have shown excellent performances over the years, despite the thermal stress and deformations affecting the dryer cylinder during the drying process of the paper, and considering also the edge drying and creping issues. 

min OVER YANKEE SS Independently of the shell material, to increase the heat exchange, a special grooving of the inner surface can be carried out, while special stainless steel spoiler clips, inserted in the grooves, induce turbulence in the condensate layer, further enhancing the overall heat transfer. Besides that, there is a condensate removal device, with multiple headers provided with small stainless-steel tubes that suck the condensate out of each groove, like a soda straw.



m.g. cylinder


OVERMADE's Manufacturing capability includes: operating pressure of 5 or 8.5 and 10 bar, plain or ribbed inner surface, pressure vessel coding available for all Countries.
The diameter of the OVERMADE Yankee goes from 3200 mm up to 4877 mm, without face lenght limitations and all are equipped with accessories, such as steam and condensate rotary joints and a specially-built, double-reduction, hollow shaft gear box. This gear box is lubricated by a dedicated forced oil lubrication unit, which will also supplies the Yankee bearing housings.

Mastering the technology of the M.G. Cylinders, we are in the position to suggest you the best solution for your needs.

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