The press section for tissue grades consists of one or two press rolls nipped against the Yankee dryer. The big diameter of the rolls and the soft cover ensure high bulk and softness of the paper, while the combination of driling and blind drilling, with a silent pattern geometry, allow the best dewatering avoiding shadows marking, vibrations and noise. 
The configuration with one single press roll, "suction" type, is chosen in order to obtain the highest paper bulk, reducing also the initial investment; the configuration with a suction roll followed by a blind drilled roll is instead chosen to reduce the drying energy costs and increase the production capacity. The press rolls loading is carried out by a hydro-pneumatic system, to avoid vibrations. Design solutions completely cantilevered are available, to reduce felt change time.

Tissue Presses


Suction Press Rolls

The suction press is available with bronze or stainless steel shell and the wide angle suction box in stainless steel. It is provided with internal shower with recirculation and with air-loaded seals made of anti-wear graphite-based material. Both suction angle and suction width are adjustable during the production.
The design with vacuum connection in the drive side avoids the installation of the internal bearing, being a helpful solution for trouble-free operation and easier maintenance.

suction press rolls

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