Tissue is made today on the Crescent Former wet end, which has shown to be the most efficient and versatile forming section for standard tissue grades.
The OVER Former-CR is a modern Crescent Former for the production of various tissue grades at high speed. 

OVERMADE has developed four basic versions of this machine, which cover the entire production range from 40 to 250 t/day. The wet end is entirely cantilevered for easy and quick wire changings and the whole construction is in stainless steel for maintenance-free operations. The quality and the efficiency of the OVER Former-CR are well known in the tissue market and thanks to the several installations delivered worldwide, it is possible for our nowadays customers to take advantage from the consolidated and valuable experience acquired by our technicians and engineers over the years, and therefore get the best and most up-to-date equipment and machines.

Our team is ready to assist you in the design phase of a new tissue installation, starting from the sketch and offering furthermore a complete turn-key service, for each size of machine.

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