It is the reliable and solid two-drum shaftless slitter winder conceived for paper and board grades. It is designed for a sheet width up to 5 meters and an operating speed up to 2,000 mpm. 


Unwind Stand

The unwind stand is capable to handle a jumbo roll with diameter up to 3000 mm and is fitted out with:

a motorized squaring and a centring mechanism 
a disc brake mechanism
oscillation system (optional) 

Slitting System

Equipped with the tangential multi slitting system with expanding counterslitter shaft, or by individually driven counterslitter units. The slitter positioning device can be semi-automatic or fully automatic. The inlet and outlet spreader rolls, the stabilizing devices and the trim suction conveyors complete the unit.

Winding Section

The Series 1500 winding section is designed for 2000 mpm drive speed. The maximum finished roll diameter is 1500 mm.
It is equipped with:

automatic control of the finished roll density
automatic finished roll ejector 
assisted core insertion
Lowerating table hydraulically assisted

Available optionals are:
automatic cores feeding system 
cores gluing 
paper cutting and gluing on the finished roll


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