calender over cal-sSoft calender with 1 nip (two rolls configuration) or with 2 nips (available with 3 rolls configuration, or 4 rolls, "back-to-back" configuration). 
In every nip, the calender is equipped with:

  • Variable Crown type rolls (VC-E and VC-S), the King Rolls
  • Thermo-rolls that can be of peripherical or central bore-type thermo rolls, like the Queen Rolls

The special cover of the variable crown roll allows a longer nip, compared with that one of the other type of calender and this nip, combined with the effect on the paper surface, resulting from the cover deformation, allows to reach the best results in terms of paper bulk, smoothness and gloss. 


The heating of the thermo-rolls is obtained by internal circulation of hot water, superheated water, steam, or oil. Each heating medium can reach its own level of surface temperature and is designed in accordance to the paper quality in terms of smoothness, gloss and bulk. Using the VC-E rolls, a multizone nip calendering is possible (from 3 to 7 zones). 
The calender is completed by:

  • its own hydraulic unit
  • lubrication unit
  • Queen roll heating system
  • control device
  • paper spreading system
  • tail threading system

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